National Library of Medicine Citations for NonCeliac Gluten Sensitivity

The following have had published studies. These are report on the averages of a group of patients; they do not apply to all patients and are not necessary predictive.

Some studies were done on people with specific conditions, ethnic origin or diet style (i.e. traditional Chinese Diet versus Western Diet), which may be why some shifts are in opposite directions.

See this post about overlapping bacteria/taxa and possible progression of conditions.

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Note these are associations and not causation. Items being high or low may be part of the immune response.

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⬆️ indicate a study reporting it is high. ⬇️ indicates a study reporting it is low. Names are indented according to taxonomy rank. Hover over to see rank.

Actinobacillus ⬆️
Sphingobacterium ⬇️
Finegoldia ⬆️
Bifidobacterium ⬇️

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Based on Clinical Studies in US National Libary of Medicine

For matching a percentile below 20% can be deemed to be low, and above 80% as high. These are arbitrary thresholds. In some cases, like for d-acidosis, it is the total from all bacteria that is important.

Reference Data
Tax Rank Tax Name Shift Percentile Distribution Citation Link
genus Actinobacillus (NCBI:713 ) High n/a Distribution    📚 PubMed
genus Bifidobacterium (NCBI:1678 ) Low n/a Distribution    📚 PubMed
genus Finegoldia (NCBI:150022 ) High n/a Distribution    📚 PubMed
genus Sphingobacterium (NCBI:28453 ) Low n/a Distribution    📚 PubMed

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