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PubMed Id Biota Modifier Title
32587537 β†’πŸ³ 68 0 Altered Composition of Gut Microbiota in Depression: A Systematic Review.
16822636 β†’πŸ³ 65 1 Evaluation of pyrrolidonyl arylamidase for the identification of nonfermenting Gram-negative rods.
19722792 β†’πŸ³ 61 0 Comparisons of subgingival microbial profiles of refractory periodontitis, severe periodontitis, and periodontal health using the human oral microbe identification microarray.
24291178 β†’πŸ³ 55 1 Microbial diversity and dynamics during the production of May bryndza cheese.
15747232 β†’πŸ³ 53 0 Polyamine analysis for chemotaxonomy of thermophilic eubacteria: Polyamine distribution profiles within the orders Aquificales, Thermotogales, Thermodesulfobacteriales, Thermales, Thermoanaerobacteriales, Clostridiales and Bacillales.
17944352 β†’πŸ³ 52 4 [Phylogenetic diversity of culturable bacteria in the ancient salt deposits of the Yipinglang Salt Mine, P. R. China].
33681383 β†’πŸ³ 52 0 Gut Microbiota Profile in Adult Patients with Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome.
22324467 β†’πŸ³ 48 0 Impact of periodontal therapy on the subgingival microbiota of severe periodontitis: comparison between good responders and individuals with refractory periodontitis using the human oral microbe identification microarray.
34017673 β†’πŸ³ 47 2 Bacterial endophytome-mediated resistance in banana for the management of Fusarium wilt.
29116331 β†’πŸ³ 46 1 Response of microbial communities to pesticide residues in soil restored with Azolla imbricata.

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