Tests for IgA nephropathy (IgAN)

  1. ๐Ÿ“š Citations
  2. ๐Ÿฆ  Taxons (Bacteria) report by studies
  3. ๐Ÿฅฃ Candidates for improving (avoids and takes)
  4. ๐Ÿ”ฎ Bacteria Related Conditions
  5. es-xenogene is located in Spain and is expensive compared to others

Some 16s providers support download of FASTQ (raw data - BIG FILES). These can be processed thru other services (at the moment, Thryve and Biomesight offers free processing). The bacteria is determine by computer algorithms, which differs from lab to lab.

  1. Biomesight and BiomeSightRdp ships worldwide - including the US
  2. Thryve is now Ombre Labs but only ships to the US
  3. CosmosId is available thru NirvanaBiome
  4. Medivere is based in Germany
  5. American Gut
  6. Xenogene is both the most expensive and most detail for rare bacteria. They are based in Spain
  7. uBiome is no longer in business
The Percentage of significant bacteria each test reports on
Name Percentage
Thryve 100%
FASTQ processed thru both Thryve and BiomeSight 100%
CosmosId 93.1%
SequentiaBiotech 89.7%
BiomeSightRdp 89.7%
uBiome 86.2%
Medivere 86.2%
es-xenogene 79.3%
BiomeSight 79.3%
Microba 75.9%
Thorne 75.9%
AmericanGut 58.6%
Gut Zoomer (vibrant-wellness) 44.8%
GI360 Stool (UK) 31%
DayTwo 27.6%
Metagenomics Stool (De Meirleir) (16s Limited) 27.6%
GanzImmun Diagnostic A6 (cfu/gm) 24.1%
GI EcologiX (Invivo) 24.1%
InVitaLab (cfu/gm) 17.2%
Genova Gi Effects (cfu/g) 17.2%
NutriPATH 17.2%
Smart Gut (ubiome 16s - Limited Taxonomy) 17.2%
Nordic Laboratories 13.8%
Diagnostic Solution GI-Map (cfu/gm) 13.8%
Bioscreen (cfu/gm) 13.8%
Biovis Microbiome Plus (cfu/g) 13.8%
Kyber Kompakt (cfu/g) 13.8%
Medivere: Darn Magen Diagnostik (16s Limited) 13.8%
Medivere: Gesundsheitscheck Darm (16s Limited) 13.8%
Verisana (cfu/ml) aka (kbe/ml) 10.3%
Viome (No objective measures) 10.3%
Genova Parasitology (cfu/g) 6.9%
GanzImmun Diagnostics AG Befundbericht 3.4%
Medivere: Darm Mikrobiom Stuhltest (16s limited) 3.4%

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