Lelliottia amnigena Details: NCBI 61646, gram-negative or unknown [species]

| ATCC 33072| CCUG 14182| CIP 103169| CUETM 77-118| DSM 4486| Enterobacter amnigenus| Enterobacter amnigenus Izard et al. 1981| Enterobacter amunigenu| Enterobacter amunigenus| HAMBI 1297| JCM 1237| Lelliottia amnigena| Lelliottia amnigena (Izard et al. 1981) Brady et al. 2013| LMG 2784| LMG:2784| NBRC 105700| NCTC 12124

  1. Enterobacteriaceae Family:

    • The Enterobacteriaceae family includes several genera of bacteria, and their impact on human health can vary widely. Some members are part of the normal microbiota, while others are known pathogens that can cause infections.
  2. Potential Pathogenicity:

    • Lelliottia amnigena has been associated with infections in humans, particularly in hospital settings. It has been implicated in cases of opportunistic infections, particularly in individuals with compromised immune systems or underlying health conditions.
  3. Nosocomial Infections:

    • Lelliottia amnigena has been reported in hospital-acquired infections, indicating its potential role as an opportunistic pathogen in healthcare settings.
  4. Antibiotic Resistance:

    • Like some other members of the Enterobacteriaceae family, Lelliottia amnigena may exhibit antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance can complicate the treatment of infections caused by these bacteria.
  5. Limited Information:

    • Specific information about the prevalence, virulence factors, and detailed health impacts of Lelliottia amnigena is limited. Research on this bacterial species may not be as extensive as that on more well-known Enterobacteriaceae members.

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Lab Reporting

Different labs use different software to read the sample. See this post for more details.
One lab may say you have none, another may say you have a lot! - This may be solely due to the software they are using to estimate.
We deem lab specific values using values from the KM method for each specific lab to be the most reliable.

Desired Levels Suggestions for Lelliottia amnigena

Using Kaltoft-Moldrup Heuristic Using uploaded data for Lelliottia amnigena

Lab Low and High are calculated using the formula that most labs use: Mean - 2 Standard Deviation to Mean + 2 Standard Deviation

These are values that are computed from lab specific samples (Patent Pending)
LabKM LowKM Percentile LowKM HighKM Percentile HighLab LowLab HighMean MedianStandard DeviationBox Plot LowBox Plot High
* 10 9.2 %ile 8510 97.4 %ile 0 6686 822.7 50 2991.7 0 430
biomesight 10 0 %ile 8740 97.5 %ile 0 6783 842.5 50 3030.8 0 450
thryve 30 0 %ile 30 100 %ile 30 30 30 30
Lab Suggestions for Lelliottia amnigena
Lelliottia amnigena (NCBI 61646) per million
Low Boundary High Boundary Low Boundary %age High Boundary %age Lab Samples
Statistic by Lab Source for Lelliottia amnigena
These desired values are reported from the lab reports
Lab Frequency Seen Average Standard Deviation Sample Count Lab Samples
BiomeSight 32.394 %   0.095 %  0.353 % 897.0 2769
CerbaLab 66.667 %   0 %  0 % 2.0 3
es-xenogene 10.345 %   0.007 %  0.005 % 3.0 29
Medivere 28.571 %   0.142 %  0.173 % 2.0 7
Thorne 21.918 %   0 %  0 % 16.0 73
Thryve 0.145 %   0.003 %  0 % 2.0 1383

Symptoms Associated with Lelliottia amnigena From Citizen Science Studies

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Mathematically modelled modifiers

Foods Containing the Lelliottia amnigena bacteria

Data comes from FoodMicrobionet. For the meaning of weight, see that site. The bacteria does not need to be alive to have an effect.

Table olives ready for consumption 90 d Weight: 0.1442

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