Vibrio Details: NCBI 662, gram-negative or unknown [genus]

| "Microspira" Schroeter 1886| "Pacinia" Trevisan 1885| Beneckea| Beneckea Campbell 1957| Listonella| Listonella MacDonell and Colwell 1986| Microspira| Pacinia| Vibrio| Vibrio Pacini 1854

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Lab Reporting

Different labs use different software to read the sample. See this post for more details.
One lab may say you have none, another may say you have a lot! - This may be solely due to the software they are using to estimate.
We deem lab specific values using values from the KM method for each specific lab to be the most reliable.

Desired Levels Suggestions for Vibrio

Using Kaltoft-Moldrup Heuristic Using uploaded data for Vibrio

Lab Low and High are calculated using the formula that most labs use: Mean - 2 Standard Deviation to Mean + 2 Standard Deviation

These are values that are computed from lab specific samples (Patent Pending)
LabKM LowKM Percentile LowKM HighKM Percentile HighLab LowLab HighMean MedianStandard DeviationBox Plot LowBox Plot High
* 4 0 %ile 920 95 %ile 0 301 58.9 20 123.5 4 74
biomesight 10 0 %ile 920 95 %ile 0 231 40.1 20 97.3 0 40
thryve 10 0 %ile 374 95 %ile 0 153 34.5 19 60.6 11 31
Lab Suggestions for Vibrio
Vibrio (NCBI 662) per million
Low Boundary High Boundary Low Boundary %age High Boundary %age Lab Samples
24.71 42.48 0.0025 0.0042 Thorne (20/80%ile)
Statistic by Lab Source for Vibrio
These desired values are reported from the lab reports
Lab Frequency Seen Average Standard Deviation Sample Count Lab Samples
BiomeSight 4.458 %   0.004 %  0.01 % 123.0 2759
CerbaLab 100 %   0.011 %  0.008 % 3.0 3
custom 1.667 %   0.005 %  % 1.0 60
es-xenogene 13.793 %   0.072 %  0.005 % 4.0 29
Medivere 28.571 %   0.001 %  0 % 2.0 7
Thorne 91.781 %   0.007 %  0.007 % 67.0 73
Thryve 4.49 %   0.003 %  0.005 % 62.0 1381
Tiny 100 %   0.001 %  % 1.0 1

Symptoms Associated with Vibrio From Citizen Science Studies

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Foods Containing the Vibrio bacteria

Data comes from FoodMicrobionet. For the meaning of weight, see that site. The bacteria does not need to be alive to have an effect.

Tuba fermented drink(Filipino) Weight: 20.6 Lard Farm Weight: 20.57 Hard cheese (Cheddar, Emmental type) Pasteurised Cow Weight: 8.794 natural milk culture Weight: 3.139 Munster cheese Weight: 2.542 Livarot (French Cheese) Weight: 2.468 Epoisses (French Cheese) Weight: 2.118 Colonial cheese, cow milk Weight: 1.689 Hard cheese (Cheddar, Emmental type) Unpasteurised Cow, rind Weight: 1.664 Chinese fish sauce Weight: 1.483 Curd cheese, cow milk Weight: 1.25 Firm/semi-hard cheese (Gouda and Edam type), caciotta Weight: 1.202 Abbaye de Citeaux Weight: 0.8568 Mont d'Or (France) Weight: 0.6482 Pont l'Eveque(France) Weight: 0.4286 Saint Nectaire Cheese (France) Weight: 0.3299 Malaysian fermented fish sauce Weight: 0.3228 Butter cheese, cow milk Weight: 0.2317 Cerrado cheese, cow milk Weight: 0.2099 Cheese, Caciocavallo Weight: 0.1881 Caipira cheese Weight: 0.1538 Serrano cheese, cow milk Weight: 0.1467 Sausage, Cyprus: Limassol Weight: 0.1354 Swiss type cheese Weight: 0.1341 Sufu - Formented tofu Weight: 0.1256 dry-fermented sausage treated with sodium nitrite Weight: 0.1121 Soft - ripened cheese Pasteurised Cow Weight: 0.112 Saint Marcellin Cheese (France) Weight: 0.1075 Aloreña olives Weight: 0.09239 Marajó cheese, water buffalo milk + cow milk Weight: 0.09096 Chorizo Weight: 0.0828 Sour Meat Weight: 0.06529 Firm - ripened cheeses Unpasteurised Cow Weight: 0.06445 Soumaintrain Cheese(France) Weight: 0.0624 Serro cheese, cow milk Weight: 0.06147 Sausage, Cyprus: Paphos Weight: 0.02883 horse sausage Weight: 0.02781 dry-fermented sausage treated with grape seed extract Weight: 0.02512 Ham fermented for 4 years Weight: 0.01527 Surstromming - Fermented Herring (Sweden) Weight: 0.004677

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Data Contradictions β€” Limits of Certainity

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Antibiotics, Antivirals etc amikacin (antibiotic)s 1 Studies recorded. The consensus is Decreases👶, Click for details.
Antibiotics, Antivirals etc meropenem (antibiotic)s 1 Studies recorded. The consensus is Decreases👶, Click for details.
Common Supplements Bromelain 1 Studies recorded. The consensus is Decreases👪, Click for details.
Drug or "Non-drug" Methylene blue 1 Studies recorded. The consensus is Decreases👪, Click for details.
Food (excluding seasonings) Turmeric 1 Studies recorded. The consensus is Decreases👪, Click for details.
Herb or Spice leea indica,bandicoot berry 1 Studies recorded. The consensus is Decreases👶, Click for details.
Herb or Spice Rosmarinic acid 1 Studies recorded. The consensus is Decreases👶, Click for details.
Prebiotics and similar Human milk oligosaccharides (prebiotic, Holigos, Stachyose) 2 Studies recorded. The consensus is Increases👶👪, Click for details.
Prescription - Other Morphine 1 Studies recorded. The consensus is Increases👶, Click for details.

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