Nutrient : Galactose

A Zero(0) indicates trace amounts.

Bacteria Impacted By

Items with less than 5mg/gram are excluded
Food Group Food Scientific Name mg /gram
Fruits and Fruit Juices Cherries, sweet, raw Prunus avium 0.59
Spices and Herbs Basil, fresh Ocimum basilicum 0.27
Fruits and Fruit Juices Kiwifruit, green, raw Actinidia deliciosa 0.17
Plums, raw Prunus spp. 0.14
Avocados, raw, all commercial varieties Persea americana 0.1
Melons, cantaloupe, raw Cucumis melo 0.06
Peaches, raw Prunus persica 0.06
Blackberries, raw Rubus spp. 0.03
Juice, grapefruit, white, canned, unsweetened 0.02

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