[GmRepo] Bacteria associated to Autism Spectrum Disorder

This is a novel way of detecting patterns, instead of looking at the values, we use the rare bacteria to determine if the rate bacteria shifts matches. The table below does not show the amount, but how often a bacteria is seen in samples with various conditions. In general, if it is seen less, it is likely that the percentile values seen will be lower. If it seen more, than the percentile values will likely be higher than average.

If you are not logged in, you will see the full list. If you are logged in, then it is filtered to the sample you have selected. The data comes from 72,000+ samples on GMrepo : a curated database of human gut metagenomes

This is an experimental analysis

These are not predictive (chicken and egg questions). Values over 66% or below 33% that are a match may be a concern

Rank Name Autism Spectrum Disorder
genus Acetobacterium Less
genus Acidobacterium Less
genus Acidocella Less
genus Aeromonas More
genus Agrobacterium Less
genus Algoriphagus Less
genus Alicyclobacillus Less
genus Amphibacillus More
genus Anaerobiospirillum More
genus Anaerococcus More
genus Anaeroplasma Less
genus Apibacter Less
genus Aquaspirillum More
genus Arcanobacterium More
genus Azospira Less
genus Bartonella Less
genus Bdellovibrio Less
genus Brachybacterium More
genus Bradyrhizobium Less
genus Brevibacillus Less
genus Brevundimonas More
genus Brochothrix Less
genus Brucella Less
genus Burkholderia Less
genus Butyrivibrio Less
genus Caldicellulosiruptor Less
genus Candidatus Amoebophilus Less
genus Candidatus Babela Less
genus Candidatus Koribacter Less
genus Catonella More
genus Cellulophaga Less
genus Cellulosilyticum Less
genus Cellulosimicrobium More
genus Cetobacterium Less
genus Chishuiella Less
genus Chthonomonas Less
genus Cloacibacillus Less
genus Clostridioides Less
genus Comamonas More
genus Conexibacter Less
genus Coprobacillus More
genus Deinococcus Less
genus Dermabacter Less
genus Desulfatiglans Less
genus Desulfomonile Less
genus Dietzia Less
genus Dolosigranulum Less
genus Dyella Less
genus Dysgonomonas Less
genus Elusimicrobium Less
genus Empedobacter More
genus Enhydrobacter More
genus Enterococcus More
genus Enterovibrio Less
genus Ethanoligenens Less
genus Exiguobacterium Less
genus Filifactor Less
genus Flavobacterium More
genus Gardnerella Less
genus Gemmata Less
genus Geofilum Less
genus Globicatella More
genus Gluconobacter More
genus Halanaerobium Less
genus Halomonas Less
genus Halothermothrix Less
genus Helcococcus More
genus Helicobacter Less
genus Heliobacterium Less
genus Herbaspirillum Less
genus Hespellia Less
genus Hyphomicrobium Less
genus Hyphomonas Less
genus Janthinobacterium Less
genus Kocuria More
genus Kribbella Less
genus Laceyella Less
genus Lactococcus Less
genus Laribacter Less
genus Lentisphaera Less
genus Leucobacter Less
genus Liberibacter Less
genus Listeria Less
genus Lysinibacillus More
genus Mannheimia More
genus Marichromatium More
genus Marinococcus More
genus Marinomonas Less
genus Marvinbryantia Less
genus Meiothermus Less
genus Methanobrevibacter Less
genus Methanosphaera Less
genus Methylobacterium Less
genus Microlunatus More
genus Mitsuokella More
genus Moraxella Less
genus Morganella Less
genus Mycoplasma Less
genus Nitratifractor Less
genus Nitrosospira Less
genus Nocardia Less
genus Nonomuraea Less
genus Oligella Less
genus Owenweeksia Less
genus Oxalophagus Less
genus Pandoraea Less
genus Paraburkholderia Less
genus Parachlamydia Less
genus Paracoccus Less
genus Pelobacter Less
genus Peptostreptococcus Less
genus Phaeospirillum More
genus Planktothrix Less
genus Porphyromonas More
genus Promicromonospora Less
genus Propionibacterium More
genus Propionispira Less
genus Propionivibrio More
genus Psychrobacter More
genus Ralstonia Less
genus Raoultella More
genus Rhodanobacter Less
genus Rhodoferax Less
genus Rhodospirillum Less
genus Riemerella Less
genus Rummeliibacillus Less
genus Runella Less
genus Sedimenticola Less
genus Shewanella Less
genus Singulisphaera Less
genus Sinorhizobium Less
genus Sodalis Less
genus Solibacillus Less
genus Solobacterium More
genus Sphaerochaeta Less
genus Sphingomonas Less
genus Spiroplasma Less
genus Sporichthya Less
genus Sporocytophaga Less
genus Sporosarcina More
genus Stenotrophomonas More
genus Sutterella Less
genus Synechococcus Less
genus Terribacillus Less
genus Tetragenococcus More
genus Thauera Less
genus Thermoanaerobacter Less
genus Thermodesulfobium Less
genus Thermosipho Less
genus Thermotoga Less
genus Thioalkalivibrio Less
genus Tissierella More
genus Treponema Less
genus Trichodesmium Less
genus Turicella More
genus Turicibacter Less
genus Virgibacillus More
genus Xanthomonas Less
species [Clostridium] methylpentosum Less
species [Clostridium] oroticum More
species [Clostridium] viride Less
species [Eubacterium] dolichum Less
species [Eubacterium] hallii Less
species [Eubacterium] infirmum More
species accession Y16263 More
species Acholeplasma brassicae Less
species Acidaminococcus fermentans Less
species Acidobacterium capsulatum Less
species Acidovorax sp. KKS102 Less
species Acinetobacter baumannii Less
species Acinetobacter haemolyticus Less
species Acinetobacter nosocomialis Less
species Acinetobacter phenon 1 More
species Acinetobacter pittii Less
species Acinetobacter venetianus Less
species ACM 2034 Less
species Actinobacillus succinogenes Less
species Actinomyces europaeus Less
species Actinomyces graevenitzii Less
species Actinomyces meyeri More
species Actinomyces naeslundii Less
species Actinomyces neuii Less
species Actinomyces radicidentis Less
species Actinomyces suimastitidis Less
species Aeromonas aquariorum More
species Aeromonas caviae More
species Agrobacterium tumefaciens Less
species Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris Less
species Alicyclobacillus contaminans Less
species Alistipes sp. RMA 9912 Less
species Alteromonas macleodii Less
species Amphibacillus xylanus More
species anaerobic eubacterium PCP-1 Less
species Anaerococcus lactolyticus More
species Anaerococcus prevotii More
species Anaerococcus tetradius More
species Aquaspirillum serpens More
species Arcanobacterium hippocoleae More
species Arcobacter sp. L Less
species Arthrobacter crystallopoietes More
species ATCC 12706 More
species ATCC 15306 More
species ATCC 33299 Less
species ATCC 33405 Less
species ATCC 33768 Less
species ATCC 35035 Less
species ATCC 35892 Less
species ATCC 49792 Less
species ATCC 49852 Less
species ATCC 51840 Less
species ATCC 700383 Less
species ATCC 700628 More
species ATCC BAA-1885 Less
species ATCC BAA-2476 Less
species ATCC BAA-269 Less
species ATCC BAA-344 Less
species ATCC BAA-554 Less
species ATCC BAA-599 Less
species ATCC BAA-844 More
species Atopobium rimae More
species Atopobium vaginae Less
species Azospira oryzae Less
species Bacillus clausii More
species Bacillus halodurans More
species Bacillus methanolicus Less
species Bacillus pycnus Less
species Bacillus thermodenitrificans Klaushofer and Hollaus 1970 Less
species Bacillus trypoxylicola More
species Bacteroides clarus Less
species Bacteroides coprocola Less
species Bacteroides eggerthii Less
species Bacteroides faecis Less
species Bacteroides gallinarum Less
species Bacteroides luti Less
species Bacteroides pyogenes More
species Bacteroides reticulotermitis Less
species Bacteroides salanitronis Less
Species bactoclasticum Less
species Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus Less
species Bifidobacterium asteroides Less
species Bifidobacterium biavatii Less
species Bifidobacterium bombi Less
species Bifidobacterium catenulatum Less
species Bifidobacterium choerinum Less
species Bifidobacterium dentium Less
species Bifidobacterium indicum Less
species Bifidobacterium pullorum Less
species Bifidobacterium ruminantium Less
species Bifidobacterium saguini Less
species Bifidobacterium sp. AFB23-3 Less
species Blautia hansenii Less
species Brachybacterium faecium More
species Brachybacterium muris More
species Brachybacterium nesterenkovii More
species Bradyrhizobium lablabi Less
species Brevibacillus brevis Less
species Brevibacillus thermoruber More
species Brevibacterium antiquum More
species Brevibacterium ravenspurgense More
species Brevundimonas diminuta More
species Burkholderia ambifaria Less
species Burkholderia cepacia Less
species Butyrivibrio crossotus Less
species Butyrivibrio proteoclasticus Less
species Campylobacter concisus More
species Campylobacter curvus Less
species Campylobacter jejuni Less
species Candidatus Amoebophilus asiaticus Less
species Candidatus Babela massiliensis Less
species Candidatus Koribacter versatilis Less
species Capnocytophaga granulosa More
species Catonella morbi More
species Caulobacter henricii Less
species CCTCC AB205007 Less
species CCUG 348 Less
species CCUG 44365 More
species CCUG 46149 Less
species CCUG 53856 Less
species CECT 7864 Less
species Cellulosilyticum lentocellum Less
species Cellulosilyticum ruminicola Less
species Cellulosimicrobium cellulans More
species Cetobacterium somerae Less
species CGMCC 1.7031 Less
species Chishuiella changwenlii Less
species Chryseobacterium indologenes More
species Chthonomonas calidirosea Less
species CIP 108053 Less
species CIP 108786 Less
species CIP 108913 Less
species Citrobacter freundii Less
species Cloacibacillus evryensis Less
species Clostridium acetobutylicum Less
species Clostridium amylolyticum Less
species Clostridium beijerinckii Less
species Clostridium butyricum Less
species Clostridium difficile Less
species Clostridium estertheticum Less
species Clostridium gasigenes Less
species Clostridium intestinale More
species Clostridium moniliforme Less
species Clostridium paraputrificum Less
species Clostridium perfringens Less
species Clostridium sartagoforme Less
species Clostridium sp. ATCC BAA-442 Less
species Clostridium sp. BNL1100 Less
species Clostridium sp. SY8519 Less
species Clostridium tertium Less
species Clostridium tetani Less
species Clostridium thermobutyricum Less
species Collinsella aerofaciens Less
species Collinsella stercoris More
species Collinsella tanakaei More
species Comamonas testosteroni More
species Conexibacter woesei Less
species Corynebacterium accolens Less
species Corynebacterium aurimucosum More
species Corynebacterium glucuronolyticum Less
species Corynebacterium jeikeium More
species Corynebacterium otitidis More
species Corynebacterium pseudogenitalium More
Species Corynebacterium resistens More
species Corynebacterium tuberculostearicum More
species Corynebacterium urealyticum More
species CRBIP 24.179 Less
species Cronobacter sakazakii More
species Cutibacterium acnes Less
species Dermabacter hominis Less
species Desulfitobacterium dichloroeliminans Less
species Desulfomonile tiedjei Less
species Desulfovibrio fairfieldensis More
species Dialister succinatiphilus Less
species Dolosigranulum pigrum Less
species Dorea longicatena Less
species DSM 1135 More
species DSM 16929 Less
species DSM 19842 Less
species DSM 20534 Less
species DSM 21848 Less
species DSM 5885 More
species Dyella japonica Less
species Dysgonomonas capnocytophagoides Less
species Dysgonomonas gadei Less
species Elusimicrobium minutum Less
species Empedobacter brevis More
species Enhydrobacter aerosaccus More
species Enterobacter hormaechei Less
species Enterococcus faecium More
species Enterococcus gallinarum More
species Enterococcus hirae Less
species Enterococcus sulfureus Less
species Erysipelotrichaceae bacterium 2_2_44A Less
species Erysipelotrichaceae bacterium 5_2_54FAA Less
species Ethanoligenens harbinense Less
species Eubacterium uniforme Less
species Exiguobacterium sp. AT1b Less
species Facklamia ignava More
species Filifactor alocis Less
species Flavobacterium johnsoniae Less
species Fusobacterium equinum Less
species Fusobacterium mortiferum Less
species Fusobacterium necrophorum Less
species Fusobacterium perfoetens Less
species Fusobacterium periodonticum More
species Gardnerella vaginalis Less
species Gemmata obscuriglobus Less
species Geobacter species Less
species Geofilum rubicundum Less
species Globicatella sanguinis More
species Gluconobacter oxydans More
Species gwangalliensis More
species Haemophilus parahaemolyticus Less
species Halothermothrix orenii Less
species Helcococcus sueciensis More
species Helicobacter felis Less
species Helicobacter winghamensis Less
species Hespellia stercorisuis Less
Species Hyphomonas hirschiana More
species JCM 1093 Less
species JCM 11775 Less
species JCM 6498 Less
species JCM 9532 Less
species Klebsiella aerogenes Less
species Klebsiella oxytoca More
species Kocuria kristinae More
Species kroppenstedtii Less
species Lachnoclostridium phytofermentans Less
species Lachnospiraceae bacterium 8_1_57FAA Less
species Lactobacillus acidophilus More
species Lactobacillus animalis Less
species Lactobacillus backii Less
species Lactobacillus brantae Less
species Lactobacillus curvatus Less
species Lactobacillus delbrueckii Less
species Lactobacillus dextrinicus More
species Lactobacillus fuchuensis Less
species Lactobacillus gallinarum Less
species Lactobacillus iners Less
species Lactobacillus jensenii More
species Lactobacillus mucosae Less
species Lactobacillus murinus Less
species Lactobacillus oris Less
species Lactobacillus pontis Less
species Lactobacillus reuteri Less
species Lactobacillus zeae More
species Lactococcus garvieae Less
species Lactococcus lactis Less
species Laribacter hongkongensis Less
species Legionella lansingensis Less
species Leptotrichia goodfellowii More
Species lingnae More
species Listeria monocytogenes Less
species LMG:7867 Less
species LMG:9496 Less
species Lysinibacillus sphaericus More
species Mannheimia haemolytica More
species Marinomonas polaris Less
species Marvinbryantia formatexigens Less
species Megasphaera cerevisiae Less
species Megasphaera micronuciformis More
species Methanobrevibacter oralis Less
species Methanobrevibacter smithii Less
species Methanosphaera stadtmanae Less
species Methylobacterium populi Less
species Micrococcus asaccharolyticus (Distaso 1912) Hall 1948 More
species Microlunatus soli More
species Mitsuokella multacida More
species Mogibacterium diversum Less
species Mogibacterium timidum More
species Moraxella catarrhalis Less
species Moraxella osloensis Less
species Morganella morganii Less
Species mossii Less
species Nitratifractor salsuginis Less
species Nitrosospira multiformis Less
species Odoribacter laneus Less
species Oligella ureolytica Less
species Oligella urethralis Less
species Oxalophagus oxalicus Less
species Paenibacillus borealis More
species Pantoea ananatis Less
species Paraburkholderia fungorum Less
species Paraburkholderia xenovorans Less
species Parachlamydia acanthamoebae Less
species Parasutterella secunda Less
species Pediococcus pentosaceus Less
species Pelobacter acetylenicus Less
species Porphyromonas asaccharolytica More
species Porphyromonas cangingivalis More
species Porphyromonas somerae Less
species Prevotella dentasini Less
species Prevotella enoeca Less
species Prevotella loescheii Less
species Prevotella melaninogenica More
species Prevotella multisaccharivorax Less
species Prevotella nanceiensis More
species Prevotella oulorum Less
species Prevotella pleuritidis More
species Prevotella stercorea Less
species Providencia alcalifaciens Less
Species pseudodiphtheriticum Less
species Pseudomonas amygdali Less
species Pseudomonas citronellolis Less
species Pseudomonas mendocina Less
species Pseudomonas monteilii Less
species Pseudomonas parafulva Less
species Pseudomonas putida More
species Pyrococcus Less
species Ralstonia pickettii Less
species Raoultella ornithinolytica More
species Rhodanobacter denitrificans Less
species Rhodococcus hoagii More
species Rhodospirillum rubrum Less
species Rothia mucilaginosa More
Species selenatis Less
species Selenomonas infelix More
species Shigella sonnei More
species Singulisphaera acidiphila Less
species Sinorhizobium meliloti Less
species Solobacterium moorei More
species Sphingobacterium multivorum Less
species Sphingobacterium sp. 21 Less
species Sphingomonas jaspsi Less
species Spiroplasma culicicola Less
species Sporocytophaga myxococcoides Less
species Staphylococcus saprophyticus Less
species Staphylococcus sciuri Less
species Stenotrophomonas acidaminiphila Less
Species Stenotrophomonas chelatiphaga Less
species Stenotrophomonas maltophilia More
Species Stenotrophomonas nitritireducens Less
species Stenotrophomonas rhizophila Less
species Streptococcus anginosus Less
species Streptococcus constellatus Less
species Streptococcus cristatus Less
species Streptococcus sobrinus Less
species Streptococcus vestibularis Less
species Streptomyces mobaraensis Nagatsu and Suzuki 1963 More
species Streptomyces pactum More
species Streptomyces sclerotialus More
Species suebicus Less
species Sutterella sanguinus Less
species Tetragenococcus halophilus More
species Thermodesulfobium narugense Less
species Thiothrix fructosivorans More
species Tissierella creatinophila Less
species Tissierella praeacuta More
Species tjernbergiae Less
species Trichodesmium erythraeum Less
species Turicibacter sanguinis Less
species Veillonella criceti Less
species Vibrio alginolyticus Less
species Vibrio crassostreae Less
species Virgibacillus necropolis More
species Virgibacillus salexigens More
species Weissella soli Less
strain Streptococcus oralis subsp. tigurinus Less

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