Special Studies Bacteria Identified across Labs for MCAS/Histamines

Many of the bacteria identified are at the species level (which varies across labs). This is an aggregation of those to their species. For simplicity, only items with 3 or more are listed.

Bacteria NameRankShiftCount Common Bacteria
Anaerococcus genus Low 7
Bacteroides genus Low 4
Bifidobacterium genus Low 3
Brevibacterium genus Low 3
Campylobacter genus Low 5
Clostridium genus Low 5
Companilactobacillus genus Low 3
Corynebacterium genus Low 4
Desulfovibrio genus Low 4
Erysipelatoclostridium genus Low 3
Escherichia genus Low 3
Lachnoanaerobaculum genus Low 3
Lactobacillus genus Low 7
Megasphaera genus Low 5
Paucilactobacillus genus Low 3
Porphyromonas genus Low 5
Prevotella genus Low 8
Roseburia genus Low 3
Schaalia genus Low 5
Slackia genus Low 3
Staphylococcus genus Low 3
Streptococcus genus Low 10
Veillonella genus Low 3

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