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Select the lab report on your microbiome below that you wish to upload . See Upload Statistics
Always note the time that you took your sample, if you want to accurately compare samples later, future samples should be taken at the same time! Why? Read this post.

Statistics on what tests have been uploaded and the number of bacteria reported for each

Preferred Tests

๐Ÿ“นIntroductory Video for 16s

Shotgun Uploads -- The most detailed ones (expect up to 6000 bacteria)

16s Uploads -- Economical Technology (expect 150-1000 bacteria)

Other Scenarios

Supported Tests

16s Technology with Name matching

Some reports use non-standard or obsolete names. This is a best effort attempt

Older Technologies

Typically no suitable file is provided to upload; the unit of measurement is not compatible;
The data needs to be transcribed from the report to entry forms

Test NameBacteria Reported
All Bacteria [Family] Reported 128 Bacteria
All Bacteria [Genus] Reported 720 Bacteria
All Taxonomies from tests 178 Bacteria
Bioscreen (cfu/gm) 17 Bacteria
Biovis Microbiome Plus (cfu/g) 40 Bacteria
DayTwo 76 Bacteria
Diagnostic Solution GI-Map (cfu/gm) 39 Bacteria
GanzImmun Diagnostic A6 (cfu/gm) 76 Bacteria
GanzImmun Diagnostics AG Befundbericht 25 Bacteria
Genova Gi Effects (cfu/g) 28 Bacteria
Genova Parasitology (cfu/g) 7 Bacteria
GI EcologiX (Invivo) 55 Bacteria
GI360 Stool (UK) 67 Bacteria
Gut Zoomer (vibrant-wellness) 152 Bacteria
InVitaLab (cfu/gm) 23 Bacteria
Kyber Kompakt (cfu/g) 11 Bacteria
Medivere: Darm Mikrobiom Stuhltest (16s limited) 16 Bacteria
Medivere: Darn Magen Diagnostik (16s Limited) 16 Bacteria
Medivere: Gesundsheitscheck Darm (16s Limited) 17 Bacteria
Metagenomics Stool (De Meirleir) (16s Limited) 53 Bacteria
Nordic Laboratories 56 Bacteria
NutriPATH 51 Bacteria
Smart Gut (ubiome 16s - Limited Taxonomy) 23 Bacteria
Verisana (cfu/ml) aka (kbe/ml) 11 Bacteria
Viome (No objective measures) 29 Bacteria

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If your report is missing, please email a copy to research@MicrobiomePrescription.com and it will be added to this page if practical

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