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Always note the time that you took your sample, if you want to accurately compare samples later, future samples should be taken at the same time! Why? Read this post.

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Style 1
Name Abundance Score Relative Abundance % Unique Matches % Total Matches Frequency Taxonomy Id Taxonomy Lineage
Bacteroides sp. 4_3_47FAA 57589.26 0.06614 0.094464 0.800865 14384 457394 k__Bacteria (2);p__Bacteroidetes (976);c__Bacteroidia (200643);o__Bacteroidales (171549);f__Bacteroidaceae (815);g__Bacteroides (816);s__Bacteroides sp. 4_3_47FAA (457394);t__Bacteroides sp. 4_3_47FAA_u_t (457394)
Bacteroides vulgatus PC510 71790.53 0.08246 0.096292 0.916552 23853 702446 k__Bacteria (2);p__Bacteroidetes (976);c__Bacteroidia (200643);o__Bacteroidales (171549);f__Bacteroidaceae (815);g__Bacteroides (816);s__Bacteroides vulgatus (821);t__Bacteroides vulgatus PC510 (702446)
Style 2
Organism Name % Unique Matches % Total Matches Relative Abundance Abundance Score Frequency Taxonomy Id Taxonomy Lineage
Bacteroides sp. 4_3_47FAA 0.121023 0.857146 0.07571 44917.61 21620 457394 k__Bacteria (2);p__Bacteroidetes (976);c__Bacteroidia (200643);o__Bacteroidales (171549);f__Bacteroidaceae (815);g__Bacteroides (816);s__Bacteroides sp. 4_3_47FAA (457394);t__Bacteroides sp. 4_3_47FAA_u_t (457394)
Bacteroides vulgatus str. 3975 RP4 0.152212 0.843797 0.07139 42351.87 26192 1339352 k__Bacteria (2);p__Bacteroidetes (976);c__Bacteroidia (200643);o__Bacteroidales (171549);f__Bacteroidaceae (815);g__Bacteroides (816);s__Bacteroides vulgatus (821);t__Bacteroides vulgatus str. 3975 RP4 (1339352)
Style 3
Name Tax ID Abundance Score Relative Abundance % Unique Matches % Total Matches Frequency
Lachnospiraceae bacterium 5_1_63FAA 658089 10931.83 3.302 0.287784 0.704613 31889
[Eubacterium] rectale DSM 17629 657318 9295.85 2.8080000000000003 0.236632 0.5626 33588

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