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Note: Many of these were created from versions of reports forwarded by users from several years ago. If several bacteria are missing, please forward a copy of the report to Ken[at]lassesen.com so we may update.

We use a subjective scale and leave the reader to translate the lab reports appropriately. If the bacteria are identified as bad/pathogenic and you are low, then do not enter them.

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BacteriaReported LevelAlso Known asComment
Acinetobacter [genus] | Acinetobacter| Acinetobacter Brisou and Prevot 1954
Actinomycetota [phylum] | Actinobacteraeota| Actinobacteraeota Oren et al. 2015| Actinobacteria| Actinobacteriota
Adlercreutzia [genus] | Adlercreutzia| Adlercreutzia Maruo et al. 2008 emend. Nouioui et al. 2018
Akkermansia muciniphila [species] | Akkermansia muciniphila| Akkermansia muciniphila Derrien et al. 2004 emend. Hahnke et al. 2016| Akkermansia sp. YL44| ATCC BAA-835| CIP 107961| strain Muc
Anaerobutyricum hallii [species] | Anaerobutyricum hallii| Anaerobutyricum hallii (Holdeman and Moore 1974) Shetty et al. 2018| ATCC 27751| DSM 3353| Eubacterium hallii| Eubacterium hallii Holdeman and Moore 1974| VPI B4-27
Bacillota [phylum] | Bacillaeota| Bacillaeota Oren et al. 2015| Bacillota| Bacillus/Clostridium group| clostridial firmicutes| Clostridium group firmicutes| Firmacutes| Firmicutes| Firmicutes corrig. Gibbons and Murray 1978| Low G+C firmicutes| low G+C Gram-positive bacteria| low GC Gram+
Bacteroides [genus] | "Ristella" Prevot 1938| Bacteroides| Bacteroides Castellani and Chalmers 1919 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Shah and Collins 1989| Capsularis| Capsularis Prevot 1938 (Approved Lists 1980)| Ristella
Bacteroidota [phylum] | Bacteroidaeota| Bacteroidaeota Oren et al. 2015| Bacteroides-Cytophaga-Flexibacter group| Bacteroidetes| Bacteroidetes Krieg et al. 2012| Bacteroidota| BCF group| CFB group| CFB group bacteria| Cytophaga-Flexibacter-Bacteroides phylum Over 70%ile, prone to being fat
Bifidobacterium [genus] | "Bifidibacterium" Prevot 1938| "Tissieria" Pribram 1929| Bifidibacterium| Bifidobacterium| Bifidobacterium Orla-Jensen 1924| Tissieria
Bilophila wadsworthia [species] | ATCC 49260| Bilophila wadsworthia| Bilophila wadsworthia Baron et al. 1990| CCUG 32349| strain 7959| WAL 7959
Butyrivibrio [genus] | Butyrivibrio| Butyrivibrio Bryant and Small 1956
Christensenellaceae [family] | Christensenellaceae| Christensenellaceae Morotomi et al. 2012
Clostridia [class] | Clostridia| Clostridia Rainey 2010
Clostridium sporogenes [species] | "Bacillus sporogenes var. A" Metchnikoff 1908| "Clostridium sporogenes var. A" (Metchnikoff 1908) Prevot 1938| "Clostridium sporogenes" (Heller 1922) Bergey et al. 1923| "Metchnikovillus sporogenes" (sic) Heller 1922| ATCC 3584| Bacillus sporogenes var. A| BCRC 11259| CCRC 11259| CCRC:11259| CCUG 15941| CIP 106155| Clostridium sporogenes| Clostridium sporogenes (Metchnikoff 1908) Bergey et al. 1923| Clostridium sporogenes var. A| DSM 795| JCM 1416| LMG 8421| LMG:8421| Metchnikovillus sporogenes| NCIMB 10696| NCTC 13020
Coprococcus [genus] | Coprococcus| Coprococcus Holdeman and Moore 1974
Desulfovibrio piger [species] | ATCC 29098| Desulfomonas pigra| Desulfomonas pigra Moore et al. 1976| Desulfovibrio piger| Desulfovibrio piger (Moore et al. 1976) Loubinoux et al. 2002| DSM 749
Dialister invisus [species] | CCUG 47026| Dialister invisus| Dialister invisus Downes et al. 2003| DSM 15470| JCM 17566| strain E7.25
Eggerthella lenta [species] | "Bacteroides lentus" Eggerth 1935| "Pseudobacterium lentum" Krasil'nikov 1949| ATCC 25559| Bacteroides lentus| CCUG 17323 A| CIP 106637| DSM 2243| Eggerthella lenta| Eggerthella lenta (Eggerth 1935) Kageyama et al. 1999| Eggerthella lenta (Eggerth 1935) Wade et al. 1999 emend. Maruo et al. 2008| Eubacterium lentum| Eubacterium lentum (Eggerth 1935) Prevot 1938 (Approved Lists 1980)| JCM 9979| NCAIM B.01418| NCTC 11813| Pseudobacterium lentum Not Healthy Predictor
Enterobacter [genus] | "Aerobacter" Hormaeche and Edwards 1958| "Cloaca" Castellani and Chalmers 1919| Cloaca| Enterobacter| Enterobacter Hormaeche and Edwards 1960 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Brady et al. 2013 Urinary and respiratory infections
Enterococcus [genus] | "Enterococcus" Thiercelin and Jouhaud 1903| Enterococcus| Enterococcus (ex Thiercelin and Jouhaud 1903) Schleifer and Kilpper-Balz 1984
Escherichia coli [species] | "Bacillus coli" Migula 1895| "Bacterium coli commune" Escherich 1885| "Bacterium coli" (Migula 1895) Lehmann and Neumann 1896| ATCC 11775| Bacillus coli| bacterium 10a| Bacterium coli| Bacterium coli commune| bacterium E3| CCUG 24| CCUG 29300| CIP 54.8| DSM 30083| E. coli| Enterococcus coli| Escherichia coli| Escherichia coli (Migula 1895) Castellani and Chalmers 1919| Escherichia sp. 3_2_53FAA| Escherichia sp. MAR| Escherichia/Shigella coli| JCM 1649| LMG 2092| LMG:2092| NBRC 102203| NCCB 54008| NCTC 9001 Diarrheal disease in children and travelers, Foodborne diarrhea outbreaks, hemorrhagic colitis, hemolytic-uremic syndrome
Eubacterium [genus] | Eubacterium| Eubacterium Prevot 1938 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Cato et al. 1983
Faecalibacterium prausnitzii [species] | "Bacillus mucosus anaerobius" Prausnitz 1922| "Bacteroides praussnitzii" (sic) Hauduroy et al. 1937| ATCC 27768| Bacillus mucosus anaerobius| Bacteroides praussnitzii| butyrate-producing bacterium A2-165| Faecalibacterium prausnitzii| Faecalibacterium prausnitzii (Hauduroy et al. 1937) Duncan et al. 2002| Fusobacterium prausnitzii| Fusobacterium prausnitzii (Hauduroy et al. 1937) Moore and Holdeman 1970 (Approved Lists 1980)| NCIMB 13872
Francisella tularensis [species] | "Bacterium tularense" McCoy and Chapin 1912| "Brucella tularensis" (McCoy and Chapin 1912) Topley and Wilson 1929| "Francisella tularense" (sic) (McCoy and Chapin 1912) Dorofe'ev 1947| "Pasteurella tularensis" (McCoy and Chapin 1912) Bergey et al. 1923| ATCC 6223| Bacterium tularense| Brucella tularensis| Francisella tularense| Francisella tularensis| Francisella tularensis (McCoy and Chapin 1912) Dorofe'ev 1947| GIEM Schu| Pasteurella tularensis| strain B-38 Tularemia
Fusobacteriota [phylum] | Fusobacteraeota| Fusobacteraeota Oren et al. 2015| Fusobacteria| Fusobacteria Garrity and Holt 2001| Fusobacteriota
Fusobacterium [genus] | Fusibacterium| Fusobacterium| Fusobacterium Knorr 1922 Periodontal disease, Lemierre syndrome, skin ulcers
Haemophilus [genus] | Haemophilus| Haemophilus Winslow et al. 1917 Pathogen
Hafnia [genus] | Hafnia| Hafnia Moller 1954
Klebsiella [genus] | "Donovania" Anderson et al. 1944| "Hyalococcus" Schroeter 1886| Calymmatobacterium| Calymmatobacterium Aragao and Vianna 1913| Donovania| Hyalococcus| Klebsiella| Klebsiella Trevisan 1885 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Carter et al. 1999| Klebsiella Trevisan 1885 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Drancourt et al. 2001 Pathogen
Lactobacillus [genus] | Lactobacillus| Lactobacillus Beijerinck 1901 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Cai et al. 2012| Lactobacillus Beijerinck 1901 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Haakensen et al. 2009| Paralactobacillus| Paralactobacillus Leisner et al. 2000 Pathogen
Morganella [genus] | Morganella| Morganella Fulton 1943 Pathogen
Oxalobacter formigenes [species] | ATCC 35274| CIP 106513| Oxalobacter formigenes| Oxalobacter formigenes Allison et al. 1985| strain OxB
Prevotella [genus] | Prevotella| Prevotella Shah and Collins 1990 emend. Sakamoto and Ohkuma 2012| Prevotella Shah and Collins 1990 emend. Willems and Collins 1995| Xylanibacter| Xylanibacter Ueki et al. 2006
Proteus [genus] | "Liquidobacterium" Orla-Jensen 1908| Liquidobacterium| Proteus| Proteus Hauser 1885 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Hyun et al. 2016 Opportunistic urinary tract infections
Pseudomonadota [phylum] | Alphaproteobacteraeota| Alphaproteobacteraeota Oren et al. 2015| Alphaproteobacteriota| Proteobacteria| Proteobacteria [class] Stackebrandt et al. 1988| Proteobacteria Garrity et al. 2005| purple bacteria| purple bacteria and relatives| purple non-sulfur bacteria| purple photosynthetic bacteria| purple photosynthetic bacteria and relatives
Roseburia [genus] | Roseburia| Roseburia Stanton and Savage 1983| Roseburya| Roseburyella
Serratia [genus] | Serratia| Serratia Bizio 1823 Pneumonia, urinary tract infections
Slackia [genus] | Slackia| Slackia Wade et al. 1999 emend. Nagai et al. 2010
Verrucomicrobiota [phylum] | Verrucomicrobaeota| Verrucomicrobaeota Oren et al. 2015| Verrucomicrobia| Verrucomicrobia (Hedlund et al. 1997) Yoon et al. 2010| Verrucomicrobia Hedlund 2012| Verrucomicrobiota

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